Web 2.0

New Era

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Thoughts on Web 2.0

I think all these new Web 2.0 are very useful.  Technologies like facebook, Twitter tumblr and digg are all great sites.  I can completely understand why they are drawing some much attention from people.  They make it extremely easy to communicate and share with people from all over the world.  They make it easy to connect with someone that you usually wouldn’t be able to.  With all the good these things can produce I also find these things to be a little dangerous.  You have to be careful what you put on the internet because it becomes available for everyone to see.  As long as you a careful in what your writing or posting you should be fine.  Also we talked mostly about the successful new technologies and there are probably more unsuccessful technologies then successful ones.  But the good thing about the unsuccessful ones is that is shows there are still tons of people trying to think of new ideas.  And I believe the best ideas comes from competition, and clearly there is still a lot of people competing to make new and improved technolgies

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Technologies on the Horizon

Favorite New Technology

A new technology that I would use alot is www.ehow.com What I like about this is that it can teach you how to do things very quickly.  It shows you how to complete doing something right on your computer.  There always comes a situation when you want to put something together but don’t know how.  But if your on ehow you can learn how to do it instantly.  It always great learning new things.

Least Favorite New Technology

Least favorite new technology is audioboo ( http://audioboo.fm/?utm_source=audioboo.com&utm_medium=redirect&utm_campaign=landing_redirect ) The reason why I find this useless is because there are to many music technologies.  There are already plenty of established music sites such as pandora and itunes so I don’t think audioboo would be any good

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New Mashup

Gambling on Sports is a very popular thing.  A mashup I would invent would be a site that would show all the spreads for games but if you clicked the game it would bring to you to a page that has each teams history against the spread.  I would call the site “Get the Facts”, and it would use sites like global sides and any site that records the scores for sports/

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Why I like Newsgator

My Favorite RSS Reader is newsgator.  I like this website because it is a popular website and has some very good reviews.  People who use the website talk a lot about how convenient and supportive the site can be.  

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Technology that won’t Last

Audioboo is a website that allows people to share and record music through their phones.  I actually like what Audioboo is all about, it’s just that there are to many other music sharing sites that are much more popular.  I have never heard of audioboo but things such as itunes which is very popular will always rain supreme over smaller and new music sharing sites

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3 Favorite Technologies

TimeToast - This technology I found very useful, timetoast allows you to create, examine and adjust timelines of past events.  I chose this one because I want to be a History teacher and I think timelines are a very useful tool in teaching kids events and dates.  I would defintely use this tool to prepare timelines in the future and I believe this is defintely a big enough population who like this, for timetoast to take off

ehow - Ehow is an online how-to guide.  This site has millions of articles and thousands of videos of instructions how to accomplish things.  I found this site very helpful because people always want to do something but not quite sure how.  With this site you can find the information you need, follow along how to do what you looking to do and then complete the task you intended to complete.  This site I believe has a very good chance at succeeding because people always want to find the quickest way of doing something and ehow should help.

Wiggio - This web application company makes it much easier for college kids or co-workers to work in groups.  This allows you to connect with each other without the hassle of all the emailing and stress.  I find this website useful because this day and age it is much easier and convenient to meet online than it is face to face.  This site has a good oppurtunity to get off the ground.  It just has to target the right crowd.

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Top 10 Technologies

ehow - What I like about ehow is it is an simple convenient way of learning how to do things.  We always come across something we just don’t quite understand and ehow can help provide the information necessary.

Vodpod - What I like about vodpod is how is categorizes videos into certain channels.  With all the videos on the web now it is hard to find ones you like.  With this you can find a channel of your interest and watch videos that you are looking for

StumbleUpon - What I like about StumbleUpon is the fact is helps sort out what you want and don’t want to see.  With the gigantic size of the web this can narrow your interests and make searching on the web easier

TimeToast - This technolgy is my favorite of them all.  I am a History major and I want to be a History teacher.  With timelines so essential to the subject, TimeToast makes it asy and convenient to work with timelines.

AudioBoo - This technology seems to be a very simple way of sharing music and photos.  I like the simplistic nature of it unlike facebook were a million different things are going on at a time

Path - No one really carry’s around a notebook and paper anymore but people are still very interested in putting their thoughts down.  This is what I like about Path, it allows people to keep a journal, for themselves or to share.

Spotify - I like Spotify because it seems like another pandoras box and I find that very useful are parties

Asana - I like Asana because it is a realistic way to accomplish things for the future.  As the face to face interaction declines the need to connect is still just important.  Asana provides that connection through the web and other social media sites. 

Wiggio - Wiggio is just like Asana but seems more enhanced.  I love how they acknowledge the fact that it can be a pain in the ass to meet up with someone through countless email and schedule changes.  Wiggio allows you to be connected instanstly through the web which makes getting work done in groups all the much easier

FourSquare - FourSquare seems to be a very useful tool for everyday use.  I like how not only can you connect with friends but also get information on restaurants and travel guides

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Group Mashup

The Mashup our group would create would be called ratemethendateme.com.  We would combine eharmony, facebook, twitter and googlemaps.  People could use this as a way to look at each others picture then see if you would like to get together.